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HIVE HIRE is a Cambridge-based beehive hire company that makes having a hive in your backyard easy. With over 19 years of beekeeping experience, we specialise in the annual rental of fully managed beehives to clients with domestic gardens, lifestyle blocks, and rural properties.

Pure, raw and natural honey straight from your hive, potted onsite. Taste the goodness of your very own “ultra-local” honey!

How Does Hiring a Hive for Your Backyard Work?

Hiring a Hive from HIVE HIRE happens in three easy steps.


Property Visit

We visit your property to confirm suitability and exact location.


Hive Delivery

We deliver and install a complete hive with a healthy colony of bees on your property.


Honey Harvesting

Honey is harvested in late summer and you will be provided with your first lot of delicious homegrown honey!

Our Hire Plans

HIVE HIRE is a Cambridge-based bee and beehive company. One of our specialties is the annual rental of fully managed hives to clients with domestic gardens and lifestyle blocks.


Please note: All prices are per calendar month and exclude GST.

  • 10kg of Honey/Year
  • 1 Hive
  • Regular Hive inspections
  • Disease Monitoring
  • Registration
  • Emergency Response
  • 15kg of Honey/Year
  • 1 Hive
  • Regular Hive inspections
  • Disease Monitoring
  • Registration
  • Emergency Response
  • 20kg of Honey/Year
  • 2 Hives
  • Regular Hive inspections
  • Disease Monitoring
  • Registration
  • Emergency Response
  • 30kg of Honey/Year
  • 2 Hives
  • Regular Hive inspections
  • Disease Monitoring
  • Registration
  • Emergency Response

With the plan you select, you will receive 1 or 2 healthy, working hives, registered,  regularly serviced with Emergency Response and Disease Control. Secure knowledge that together we’re helping the environment, enabling our bees to live in peace and safety!

Other Things to Know

Can I choose where to place my honey beehive boxes?

During your garden visit, together we will identify the best location for your hive boxes.

What are your honey boxes constructed from?

HIRE HIVE constructs honey boxes from high-quality painted timber.

Who registers the hive?

HIRE HIVE will register the hive and pay the relevant government fees.

How regularly do you inspect the beehives?

HIRE HIVE regularly inspects for bee and beehive health and requirements. This includes checking for Varroa, American Foulbrood, and other bee diseases. HIVE HIRE will re-queen hives if it is considered necessary during the rental period.

Do you treat Varroa?

Varroa mites feed off honey bees and may carry viruses that are damaging to the bees. This is why we are vigilant in treating and protecting Varroa and other vermin.

Do you do supplementary feeding?

Your beehives will be assessed after the honey harvest ready for wintering down. This includes food store checks. We use supplementary feeding, particularly over the winter months as this ensures the strength of your beehive during the colder months.

A Few Extras

We offer a few optional extras available by prior request.

Personalised Hives

If you would like to personalise your hive, we are happy to provide you with extra hive boxes which you can paint yourself; we will swap them over on subsequent hive visits.

Cut Comb Honey

Cut comb honey is available by prior request, as it requires a fine foundation for the bees to build on. Cut comb honey is available by prior request at an extra cost of $7+gst per frame

Emergency Services

We also have an emergency swarm collection and removal service. Please contact us for details.

Book a Garden Visit

HIVE HIRE is based at Bruntwood, between Cambridge and Hamilton. HIVE HIRE covers a 25km radius. However, we will take enquiries outside of this, on a logistical basis. Just fill in the form to enquire and our experienced beekeepers will arrange to call around at your property and with your help, will decide the very best location for your bees.

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